Wishing I was in the woods!

So it’s the middle of June and I’m wishing I was in the woods instead of working on my house! Although the new room addition will be very very nice when we finish, it’s sure starting to wear me down! I’ve attached a picture of my helper, Daniel, putting the last little bit of scratch coat on the new fireplace. Once I finish putting the rock veneer on the fire place all I’ll have left is hanging the lights…….on the inside! There’s still enough to do on the outside to keep me busy right up until the opening day of the Missouri Bow season! Even my wife is starting to suggest that I take a break! Maybe I just need to take a little trip up to the lease and see if one of the local saw mills could make my a nice mantle! That’s gonna be my story and I’m gonna stick to it! Between the paying job and the working on the house job, just being in the woods would be an awesome break! Soon…..very soon! Shoot Straight! Steve