Deer Hunted in MissouriWho We Are – 2021 – 2022 Hunting Season

Call Jeff at 816-489-9462 or Steve at 918-440-6322.

At Brush Trail Hunting we are NOT outfitters! And we don’t jack the prices up like other “on the web” hunting lease networks or hunting clubs! We are a couple of hard-working, family loving guys who absolutely LOVE TO HUNT!!

We know how hard it is to obtain and keep affordable hunting ground.  We know that lease prices have risen over the past several years!  Quality hunting ground has been gobbled up by the very rich or by an outfitter who makes his living from hunting!  We were just like several of you all…..our previous hunting land was either sold off or leased by an outfitter.  But here’s the good news….since we are NOT outfitters we run things in quite a bit different manner than most people are used to seeing.

We run our operation with the hunter in mind. We treat hunters like we would want to be treated. Unlike outfitters, we do not depend on this for our livelihood!  We both have full-time jobs! We do what we do in order for us to continue to enjoy excellent ground to hunt on. We have worked with the same landowner for the last 12 years and have a great relationship with him as well as others in the area. Our leases offer great opportunities to harvest some outstanding Whitetail Deer and Turkey.  Contact us using our contact page.  That way you’ll be on our mailing list.  We will contact you when new tracts become available!

Here is an e-mail I got a couple of seasons ago:

Hello, my name is Brett from Minnesota.  Just wanted to give a big thanks to Steve and Jeff on a great operation they have going on with Brush Trail Hunting. I couldn’t believe how smooth everything went from going online and checking out their website, to scouting the tract I was interested in, and signing the papers for my lease. I had sent them an email on a tract I was interested in, and they got back to me the next day. You guys make it really easy on our end. Thanks, Brush Trail Hunting.

We offer affordable hunting leases where you and your hunting group are the only hunters allowed on the land. Our fees are simply a one-time annual fee for that tract of land. It is not a per hunter fee. Your group will have exclusive access to the tract of land you lease for the lease period. Plus (and this is important!) you decide how many hunters you want to allow on your leased tract. You decide where you hunt and how often you hunt on your tract of land. You are in control of who hunts, where they hunt, and when! Other hunting clubs and leasing networks control you and your hunters. They also charge more than we do! A lot more!  We’ve been in your shoes looking for quality hunting ground.  Check us out!

At Brush Trail Hunting we expect good hunting ethics as well as good overall moral values. You will be required to sign a common-sense rules and regulations document. We expect everyone to treat their leased land better than they would their own land. Following these straightforward, basic rules are a must. Simply put, if you break the rules you and your group could be out of the club.

Because our landowners like the way we do things, each year we pick up more land. If we don’t have any tracts available to offer right now, please check back often. Be sure to fill out the contact sheet with your e-mail address and phone number so we can keep you informed of new hunting tracts as they become available. The land you lease this year is automatically yours next year unless you choose not to renew your lease. Members have first pick on new tracts as well. As we said, we do things better. We are hunters working with and for hunters.

Call Jeff at 816-489-9462 or Steve at 918-440-6322. We both have day jobs but we’re pretty good about finding time to talk to hunters! Call us anytime. If we can’t talk right then, please leave a message and we’ll call you back just as soon as we can. Also, please submit your contact information along with any questions using the contact tab. Thanks for checking us out and happy hunting!

And as always – Shoot Straight!

Jeff and Steve