We are down to our last few tracts!

August 25, 2015

Well, as the 2015 – 2016 Deer seasons draws near, we are down to just a few tracts left.  We have had several more calls than usual lately as hunters scramble to find a decent place to hunt.  Many say they just found out that they lost their lease due to all kinds of different reasons that frankly,  really don’t matter.  Fact is – they are out!  Unless they find something soon they will be watching from the sidelines! I have been there in the past and it’s a bad thing!  There is NO substitute for being in the woods hunting!  That’s why we do what we do.  We to this to keep the high quality hunting ground that we have.  Sure, there is some work involved in how we operate, but that’s OK.  It is top quality Missouri deer hunting at it’s best!  I wouldn’t do this or drive as far as I do from Oklahoma if I didn’t think it was worth it!  I know Jeff feels the same way because we have talked about it several different times.

Once these tracts are gone, they are gone.  Not much we can do about that.  All we can do is get ready to enjoy what nature brings us this season!  I for one can’t wait to get into the deer stand….providing my busted up, joint replaced knee will let me climb up there this year!  No matter.  If it lets me down I’ll just break out the ground blinds and hunt my little heart out.  I’ll do my best to get up high in the tree and take it all in!  And who knows, maybe that second deer of a lifetime will step out and give me a shot!

Shoot Straight!