We are all leased up for the 2020-2021 Season!!

Hey guys!  I hope everyone is doing well during this awful time of being homebound!  It’s been a rough time for everyone!  This, too, shall pass!  And I think we will all come out of this historic time better and stronger!

I’ve been getting a lot of calls about leasing tracts lately!  There must be a big shortage of quality hunting ground!  An that sucks!  What else sucks is that there were many guys interested in leasing with us but they didn’t act fast enough!  They will miss out hunting with us in Northern Missouri because we’re all leased up!  This is the fastest we’ve leased all of our tracts in several years!  To those of you who waited too long, I’m sorry!  Truly sorry!  I know how frustrating not having a decent place to hunt can be!  But it’s possible that we could obtain some new tracts so please fill out our contact page to get on the mailing list!  Should something become available we will reach out to those on the list!


Shoot Straight!