Watch out deer, here we come!

November 4, 2015

With only about 10 days left in the first archery season it’s time to get into the woods!  I hope to go up soon but I’m not sure if I can climb up into a tree stand or not with my bad knee.  I have put off my surgery until after Christmas so I could go hunting.  I’ll cinch up the old knee brace and give it my best shot, no pun intended!  If I can’t climb into a stand I’ll just grab another ground blind!  I’ll be stopping at one of my favorite hunting supply headquarters in Liberty Missouri, Rogers Sporting Goods  – Exit 17 on I-35 North, and picking up another ground blind or two alone with any other hunting item I find there!  They have some great items at great prices!  I love that place.  I always stop on my way north!  Check it out!  You’ll like it, too I’m sure!

I do like Cabela’s and I have 3 gift cards from there so I’ll be stopping on my way home and doing some Christmas shopping…..for me!  And Bass Pro is another good place to get what you need.  But there’s just something about Rogers!  And no, I don’t get paid for telling you all about them.  I just want to share a great place to shop for hunting stuff at great prices!  I’ve bought I don’t know how many hang on stands and ladder sticks from them!  My wife hate that place!

While you’re at Rogers, be sure to check out Great Guns right next door.  They have some great ammo prices and carry just about any caliber out there.  Another favorite of mine and another place my wife hates!  What’s a guy to do?  They all get over it sooner or later, right!

We wish all of you hunters great luck!  Shoot some big ones, boys…and girls!  They’re up there!

Shoot Straight!