UGH! Work gets in the way….And some cool tips!

May 20, 2015

So do any of you daydream while you’re at work and re-live some moment while you were hunting? Maybe it was the time you arrowed your first buck. Or the time your rattling actually pulled that nice buck into your decoy. Maybe it was the time you stuck it out in that terrible downpour thinking those deer would come through after the rain stopped….and laughed at yourself when you remembered that the rain never did stop and you were soaked to the bone and so was everything you had with you! Or about how much fun you had around the campfire telling tall tales to each other. Whatever your daydream is, it sure helps the time pass at work and gives new meaning to the Bumper Sticker that says, “I’d Rather Be Hunting!” Work sure gets in the way!

I found these tips on FaceBook. Some of them were pretty good and I’ll use a couple of them during the upcoming Hunting season. Check them out and let me know what you think. Copy and paste this ENTIRE address into your web browser address bar:

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