414 Acre Tract – Excellent hunting!! Leased for the 2020 – 2021 Season!

This tract is a classic! It has the right mix of woods, draws, crops, CRP and water for both archery and gun hunting! It is chocked full of everything needed to attract and hold deer. There are many travel ways that are absolutely paved with tracks! There are plenty of pinch points and funnels that lead to ample woods. Feeding on the abundant crop land, it’s like living in a grocery store for the deer that call this tract home! Stand locations are everywhere making this a great choice for archery or gun hunting. Jeff and I use the road that runs by this tract and we have seen some great deer on this tract! Plus it has a couple of nice ponds that are full of fish I’m told! The guys that leased this tract before leased a larger tract from us and reluctantly gave this tract up! This is Northern Missouri Big Buck country at its finest! It is also a dandy place to fill your turkey tag! I almost hit several turkeys with my truck that were crossing the road heading into this tract……more than once! Lease runs thru Spring Turkey season 2018!