Some very sad news for sure!

It is with great sadness that we learned that one of our hunters has be diagnosed with cancer. He had a very long talk with his sons and they decided that they would dedicate all of their time and effort this year to fighting this illness instead of hunting. Although the time that they spent together hunting and being in the woods meant the world to them, they made a tough choice that was right for them during this initial period. Over these past 8 years Keith and I have become good friends. We had some great times these past two seasons, especially. He is a Chief’s fan (the only fault that I can find in him!) and I’m a Bronco’s fan so the fun never stopped on Sundays! We discussed hunting until the wee hours many times. We’d go to town together to buy food and supplies and really bonded into some pretty good friends! This season won’t be the same without Keith and his sons there to laugh at my awful stories! I’ll miss those times a lot!

I ask that you all put Keith on your prayer list and support him during this fight that I know he will win! Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Keith, and I can’t wait until you’re back at deer camp!

Shoot Straight!