Practice Tree Stand Safety! Always Be Safe And Always Come Home!

April 24, 2015

Unfortunately, statistics have shown that tree stand accidents are currently the number one cause of hunter-related injury every season. In fact, it’s estimated that one out of every three deer hunters who hunt from elevated stands are likely to experience a fall at some point in their lives that will result in serious injury.

I was just thinking about a friend of mine, Nick, who three or four years ago was hanging a trees stand in preparation for the upcoming archery season in Oklahoma. I’ll bet many of you have done this exact thing he did…..maybe some of you have experienced what Nick experienced. After Nick secured the chain around the tree on the top of his hang on stand, he stood on the platform and jumped up and down to see if it was going to be solid, to see if it would have any noise and to see if it would hold up to his weight. Well you can guess what happened. Nick is the kind of guy who thinks he bullet proof! (See earlier blog about someone else and a broken knee cap!) and NEVER wore a safety harness! No real hunter ever wears a safety harness, do they? It just isn’t done! Well, Kick is a believer of wearing a harness now! On his second jump onto the stand platform the chain broke and down Nick goes faster than he could even think! The branches flipped him into a head first dive to the ground! He was lucky! He must have had an angel on his shoulder because the only thing that happened to Nick was he shattered his wrist into way too many pieces! He could have broken his neck, or just died right there on the spot! And that’s not to mention that his bow season went into the toilet!

Don’t take any chances! Not even one single time! It’s Russian Roulette and the consequences could be fatal! Here are some tree stand tips for you to follow. I like #8! It will keep you safe no matter what! This list is not to be considered all inclusive and not all accidents can or will be prevented when using these tips. (Had to say that because the lawyers tell me I do) But if you do follow these common sense tips, you have an excellent chance on coming home safe and sound!

Missouri Hunting Tips

Tip 1: Be sure to select the proper tree before hanging a fixed-position stand or using a climbing stand. The tree should be alive and healthy without any noticeable rot or damage. Your tree should also meet the size specifications and restrictions set by the tree stand company.

Tip 2: Never hunt from a tree stand without a secure and high-quality safety harness. It only takes one fall to suffer a serious injury or permanently end your hunting career.

Tip 3: A strong and sturdy safety strap should be attached to both your harness and the tree to prevent you from falling more than 12-inches.

Tip 4: Continuously monitor and inspect your safety harness and tree stands before and during the season to check for wear and tear or possible damage.

Tip 5: When hunting from a fixed position or hang-on stand always inspect the ladder steps and tree stand attachments to make sure everything is tightly secured to the tree.

Tip 6: Always use a haul line to pull-up your gear, bow or unloaded firearm. Never climb with anything in your hands or attached to your back. Before climbing down, utilize the haul line to safely lower all of your equipment on the opposite side of the tree.

Tip 7:  Be sure to let family and friends know the exact tree stand location that you’re currently hunting. When at all possible, hunt with a buddy and always carry a communication device like a cell-phone or walkie-talkie that can easily be reached on your body at anytime.

Tip 8: Follow the 3-Point rule, which says always have 3-points of contact to your steps or ladder when climbing or descending from your stand.

Tip 9: Be aware of slippery and hazardous climbing conditions that may result from rain, sleet, snow or ice and take the appropriate precautions.

Tip 10: When using a climbing stand, make slow, steady and even movements of no more than 12 inches at a time. You should also make sure the climbing section and platform of your stand are attached together by some type of safety cord or rope.

Follow these tree stand tips and you’ll return safely home to your family and loved ones after each and every hunt, or contact us today online. Good luck & good hunting!


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