Opening day is right at 2 weeks away! All tracts are leased!

August 27, 2016

Hello everyone!  It’s Saturday morning and I’m about ready to head out to a couple of football games that my grandsons will be playing in.  The start of football means hunting season is right around the corner!  Can’t wait to get up in that tree and watch for some twitching noses!  Ever notice those long whiskers they have?  I just love watching the deer up close and personal, don’t you?

It’s still hot as can be here in NE Oklahoma!  But I think the dog days are behind us and we will be seeing lower temps in the next few weeks.  That’ll get me pumped to get out there and put some time in behind my bow.  I’ve put up a new stand this year and I am anxious to try it out!  There was good sign all around it so hopefully I’ll be able to arrow a nice buck from it!

Until next time……

Shoot Straight!