Opening Day of Missouri Archery Season Right Around the Corner!

August 10, 2015

It’s only about 3 weeks until opening day of the Missouri Archery season!  If you’re in Oklahoma like I am it’s hard to think about hunting with the temperatures over 100 degrees!  I have been shooting my bow off the shade of the front patio.  I just hate to walk out in the heat to get my arrows out of the target!  HOT!!

We have leased all but 4 of our Worth County tracts.  But what’s left is sure ’nuff where the big boys live! I’m been getting several calls these past two weeks from guys with no place to hunt.  Our last few tracts are sure to go quickly!  If you’ve ever wanted to hunt Northern Missouri Bid Bucks, give us a call and we will tell you about what tracts we have left.  Steve – 918-440-6322 or Jeff – 816-489-9462.  Please call after 4:00 PM.  Don’t want to upset the boss at work!

Shoot Straight!