They are moving around…..BE CAREFUL!

I was driving to town Sunday evening to get gas for my mower. And man!, Did I need to mow after being gone a week in Florida! Now that was a nice trip! Fun, Family, The Beach, Nice Weather! It was great! But I digress…

I was driving to town Sunday evening to get gas for my mower and a pretty decent Oklahoma velvet buck jumped right in front of my truck! It was all I could do to not hit him! But it did get me to daydreaming about hunting and heading up to the lease to check game cameras and re-adjust a tree stand. I really can’t wait to head up there within the next couple of week-ends! Last time we were up there the deer sign was plentiful and the sun was hot! And it was getting ready to rain! Which was good for the crops and browse! But, alas, I digress…..

So I was driving my little Prius gas saver home from work yesterday and all of a sudden, a big ole Kansas doe and her fawn started to dash across the road in front of me but turned at the last second! Man, my heart was pumping hard for 15 minutes!!! I could just see that doe coming through the windshield and getting cozy with me. Then, again this morning a small Kansas velvet buck ran parallel with me down the bar ditch! I guess he didn’t want to eat my bumper and darted off into a standing corn field! I wonder how big he’ll eventually grow up to be? Made me wonder if the giant Missouri buck I harvested a couple years ago ever had any close calls with a truck or little car during his formative years growing up. That would have been a shame if he’d have become a road kill instead of my deer of a lifetime! And the damage he would have done to someone’s car! How terrible would that have been? But I digress…….

Then there was the time I did hit a turkey with my windshield! I didn’t kill him but he left a awful grease stain that I liked to never get off! Had to cut it with lacquer thinner! Got me to thinking about my very first bow harvested turkey! He was a nice tom, long beard, nice spurs. I remember how red that guys head was. That’s what caught my attention first was his red head. But I digress…….

Be careful out there! Don’t want any close calls driving! Reminds me of the time my buddy Jim had a buck run in front of him coming home from a hunt. He tagged that deer with his right headlight, spun him around and heard him bouncing off the whole right side of his truck! Sure messed his door and front quarter panel up! But I digress……


Shoot Straight! -Steve