Mother Nature at Work

The other night my dog was going nuts and was just dying to cross her containment collar shock border! I went out to see what was going on….it was about 5:30 on a nice calm but rather hot evening. The 2 coyotes saw me long before I saw them. I just thought that they were taking a short cut thru my east fence line, an unusual occurrence to say the least! I didn’t give it much thought and never saw the coyotes again. But Sadie kept up her pacing along her border the next day. When I got home from work I decided to mow since the temp was well below the 101 that it had been the past several days. As I was making my way along my east fence line, the south wind brought the horrible smell of death and decay to my nose! I kept mowing thinking it would surly pass when I saw the cause of the smell, coyotes and commotion! Here is a picture …..How sad! But Mother Nature knows what she’s doing!


Missouri Deer Hunting


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