Mama Snapping Turtle in a Bean Field!

So we’re riding along on our four-wheeler and Kevin says, “Man! Did you see that turtle we just ran over?” As we were looking for deer sign along the edge of the field and keeping an eye out for good stand locations we straddled this large snapping turtle. With a little coaxing (check out corn stalk in snapper’s mouth!) we discovered that she was sitting on a nest of over 20 eggs! I had never seen a turtle on the nest before but it was pretty interesting. At last glance, both mother and eggs were doing well!

You can’t see this kind of stuff from a desk! I just love getting out into the woods and seeing the wonders that are in God’s beautiful world! Each moment and each discovery is so awesome and I’ll remember things like this forever!

Shoot Straight!


IMG_1394 IMG_2593