How I missed shed hunting this year…

…don’t miss that last step after you have your knee replaced!!!

So, in late January I had knee replacement surgery to fix my blown-up, blown-out, worn out knee! It was long over due! Not sure why I waited so long but I did. Guess I just didn’t want to admit that I was starting to wear out. Although, I will say, most of the patients who were in my rehab were WAY older than me! That made me feel a little younger! So, the doctor said it was a picture perfect knee replacement surgery. Missouri Hunting Accidents I’d be back in business in no time. And he was right! I was off my crutches in 2 weeks! I was getting around great!

Then it happened! I got cocky and was going everywhere like I’d never had surgery. You know….BULLET PROOF!~ That’s when I missed that very last step and folded my bad leg underneath me and came down on it with all my weight! Man! That felt like I was smacked in the knee with a hatchet! UGH! What had I done?

Well, if you look at the enclosed x-rays you’ll see a good looking picture perfect total knee in one and in the other…..A BROKEN KNEE CAP!! Hunting Accidents MissouriAnother surgery! Will I ever get into the woods to hunt sheds??? Well, maybe  in about another 6 weeks! Just in time for ticks and chiggers! Great! But I am learning that we do have limitations. I’ve just got to learn these things sooner!

Be safe out there!

Shoot Straight!