Here’s a nice note from one of our hunters!

May 13, 2020

I hope this finds everyone doing well with their version of this damned virus thing, whatever that looks like where you live!  I’m so ready to get back to normal!  And not the “New Normal” but my normal!  But I’ll save that rant for another time!

Here is a nice note from one of our hunters!  Mike hunted turkeys with us this year and leased the 517-acre tract a couple of years ago.  And here’s a couple of pictures he sent us!  Thanks, Mike!  You know what it’s like to hunt those Northern Missouri big bucks!!  Hurry back and hunt with us again!!

Steve and Jeff

I just wanted to drop a line and thank you guys for the opportunity to hunt the 517-acre tract.  It is so much more than it seems just by looking at the aerial.  The deer use the terrain features similar to edges!  The number of deer using this tract is incredible!  We had days of seeing 60 deer!  If a person wants a Missouri toad, this is definitely the farm to do it!  Although time didn’t allow us to hunt either, we observed numerous turkeys and pheasants while deer hunting.  Much to my surprise, we saw a large number of ducks using the ponds on the farm.  When my schedule again allows me time to hunt it, I will definitely be leasing this tract again!

Mike Schroeder