Here is an e-mail I got from one of our new hunters yesterday!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Hey guys!  I received this e-mail yesterday from one of our brand new hunters:


Hello! This is Brett from Minnesota. Just wanted to give a big thanks to you and Jeff on a great operation you have going on with Brush Trail Hunting. I couldn’t believe how smooth everything had went from going online and checking out your website, to scouting the tract I was interested in, and signing the papers for my lease. I had sent you an email on a tract I was interested in, and you got back to me the next day. You guys make it really easy on our end. Thanks Brush Trail Hunting.


Thank you,  Brett!  We hope you shoot a monster!  I know you’ll see lots of deer.  Be patient and you’ll see a big’n!

Shoot Straight!