Happy New Year to Everyone!

Looking back it’s been a great 2014. I trust that you all had a good year as well! No, I did not kill a monster buck this year! I don’t think that’s what defines a great year. Just the fact that I GOT to go hunting is a defining characteristic for me! My family is all good! I made an AR from scratch and gave it to my oldest grandson. That was a defining moment! I’m still married to a woman that puts up with me! I’d sure call that a defining event! Jef and I are still good friends! There you go! Defining moment if I ever saw one! Yep, 2014 was full of greatness!

I’m posting a picture of one of our long term Texas hunters who shot a nice 14 pointer during the rifle season on one of our tracts. I’ll bet for him 2014 was a great year! But I’d bet he would say that it’s more than the 14 pointer that made his year! But a nice deer sure doesn’t hurt a thing!

How about you? How was your 2014? Shoot us an e-mail and let us know. Steve@BrushTrailHunting.com or Jeff@BrushTrailHunting.com We’d like to share your stories from 2014.  You can also post them on our FaceBook page.

Can’t wait to see how 2015 develops!

Shoot Straight


Missouri Deer Hunting

San Antonio Hunter with nice Missouri 14 pointer!