Getting my attention?

I didn’t have a chance! The guy never saw me! He pulled out in front of me and although I jammed the brakes and swerved as best I could, I didn’t have a chance! I guess he hit me harder than I first thought. My car is pretty well smashed up but maybe not totaled! So instead of driving my little silver, 45 MPG gas sippin’ Prius to work this morning, I was in Ole White, my 3/4 ton rough ridin’ dodge pick-up at 13.5 MPG. Not so good on my sore neck and aching head! I did take a nice long trip……to the ER. They did a CT of my noggin’ which, of course, was negative. Then they X-rayed my neck.I do have some slight soft tissue injury which is why I’m sore but the bigger deal is that I have several bone spurs in my neck! Who knew!?! I’ve always had some stiffness in my neck and some times my ear and face kind of tingled but I just thought it was because of my youth! I’m glad to know what’s going on in my neck and will try to keep from irritating it so much. The other guy was not hurt but sure could have been. If I hadn’t noticed him pulling out when I did, I think I would have hit him square in his driver side door! That could have had a bad out come! But God protected us both. Cars can be fixed! I’ll be more mindful of friends and loved ones from now on. It wasn’t a major wreck but it sure got my attention!

You all be careful out there! Life changing events can happen in the blink of an eye! Tell those you love that you love them! Smile more often than you do! Get together with friends and family more! Pay attention to life!

Shoot Straight! -Steve

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