A couple more tracts just became available!

March 24, 2016

James M. one of our repeat hunters just informed me that he is worried about his job and how long he will have one.  Thank you lousy economy!  Thank you price of oil!  Thank you Obama Care!  UGH!!  This is awful for all Americans!  Sorry, James!  I know how much you loved hunting here.  And you bet!  When your situation improves we will definitely welcome you back!  You’re the type of hunter we like and we will be praying for your job and your family!

News also comes that the hunter on the 40 acre gun tract is fearful of his job as well and he must give it up after leasing it for several years now.  Prayers out to you and your family as well!

With those notes of sad news we now have a very prime 80 acre tract now available along with a great gun tract of 40 acres.  The 80 acre tract has produces some mighty fine bucks and oodles of does!  I know!  I arrowed a dandy buck off of it several years ago!  And the 40 has produced many deer these past few years now for the freezer!

I hate to lose these two fine hunters from our membership!  Fine guys, both of them!  But that does allow others the opportunity to hunt some fine ground in northern Missouri!  Contact us if you’re interested!  Use the Contact page and we’ll be in touch pronto!

Until next time – Shoot Straight!