Checkin’ out the lease!

Just got back from taking Kevin and Michael on a tour of the lease. They saw a ton of sign and lots of deer. The are both pleasantly surprised at their tract and can’t wait to see what is on their trail cams! They’ll be back soon to check them out and get some stands set.

I’m hoping that Kevin sends me the cool pictures of the snapping turtle that we found on the edge of a new soybean field! When he does, I’ll post them on a new blog. I’d never seen a turtle on a nest. She was pretty protective of it! I’d hate to have one latch on to a finger! Ouch!

Hung a new stand in my little piece of hunting paradise. It will allow me to hunt a south wind and will also give me a little better shot on the trail I’ve been hunting. It’s only about 15 yards from my current stand but even that little bit of distance will let me hunt that corner of the tract no matter what the wind does!

Tracts are being gobbled up fast! Only two larger tracts are left. The 517 acre tract is the sleeper. Whoever leases that tract is going to have a shot at some nice bucks! And the 414 acre tract is a great tract for gun or bow. Another big buck home!

Until next time, Shoot Straight!