Great News from one of the Brush Trail Hunter Groups

The following is from one of our groups that hunt on our leases in Northern Missouri. It’s from Matt Sarver. This is a great story and one of the reasons we do what we do! Here’s what Matt had to say:

Steve / Jeff,

Hey guys just wanted to share some thoughts on our trip to MO this year. This is our second year hunting with you guys in MO and I can tell you that our group is hooked. Each of the 5 guys that I bring out started hunting in rural western Pennsylvania. We are used to thick cover, mountain ranges and deep wood lines that hold one or two great deer that equal the average buck in MO.  It was quite a shock for us to hunt 200 acres of fields with little cover, deep draws and very little woods that traditionally hold the deer in Western PA.  Despite the difference in terrain, it only took our group a day or two to find the bucks, work the deep draws, CRP and focus on the wide open field in lieu of the dense cover.

We had great success during our week hunting both the 130 and the 234 acre tracts.  The first day yield some awesome bucks from both properties. From day break, we saw a ton of bucks and were able to take a few of the best.  The amazing part about the deer that we were able to harvest is that 3 of the 4 were taken within 200 yards of each other.  I took mine at 9:00 am on Saturday (11 pt), Corey took his at 3:00 Saturday afternoon (9 pt) and Ryan grabbed a great 8 pt Sunday morning. Two were from the same stand on the 234 acre property.  Jamie and my dad were hunting the 130 acre property.  Jamie took his 8 pt on Saturday morning around 9:30 am.  My dad as always had great time hunting. He passed on several nice 125 deer but unfortunately not successful this year (there’s always next year). As a group we expected 2-3 out of our group to harvest deer this year so 4 out 5 impressed all of us.  Our group loves the do-it-yourself hunts and I think that we share the same thoughts on taking only high quality deer off of these properties.

I wanted to thank both of you for putting us on some great deer this year.  Initially when our group set out on this adventure, the group was a little nervous having never met you guys before. But I can tell you that we have had a tremendous time both years and really trust you guys and the properties that you are leasing.  Good luck the rest of the season!


Here are the pictures Mat sent:

Big Buck Hunted in Northern Missouri

Corey’s 9 Point

Missouri Deer Hunting

Matt’s 11 Pointer

Hunting Club on Missouri Lease

Most of Matt’s crew

Deer Hunting In Missouri

Jamie’s 8 point

Missouri Deer Hunted on Lease

Ryan’s 8 point




Jeff and I appreciate Matt’s kind words. And what he has said is very true! Hunting in Northern Missouri is different than any other place I’ve ever hunted. Once you figure out that there are deer on our tracts – lots of deer and big deer! – then you’ll be a fan of Northern Missouri hunting just like Matt and his group. Good hunting, Boys!


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