Back from Alaska – Archery Season has just started!

Well, I made it back from Alaska and let me tell you… was awesome! Pictures or words just can’t describe the beauty and majesty of that country. I only saw a tiny sliver of it but it was simply the most spectacular place I’ve ever been to. Now my wife froze in the 50-60 degree temps but I was in heaven! I’ll post some picture soon. I had so much work on my plate when I got back that I just haven’t had a chance to do much but work. And talk to guys that have called about leasing. It’s down to the wire and everyone wants to find their place to hunt. At the time of this writing we are down to just 3 tracts left. These are some prime spots! If you’re thinking about leasing, don’t wait too long. These tracts will not be around for long!

Gotta run. I’ll post some pics soon! Until then….

Shoot Straight! Steve