Another great deer season comes to a close

It was a great year to be in the woods. Jeff and I didn’t get to hunt very much this year due to job demands and neither of us connected with a deer. We did, however, enjoy our time at deer camp and in the woods! Several of our hunters did harvest some nice deer. I just received this e-mail from James Martin, one of our latest hunters to join the Hunting Club:

I leased 80 acres from after season had already started in 2014. The transaction and communication with Steve and Jeff was great. They shot me straight about the property and its history. I was able to access/hunt/scout when and how I wanted to. (No outfitter BS.) I was able to control who hunted the property so I knew how much the deer had been pressured or not. That’s a big deal to me!… Me and my 9yr old son went up for the youth hunt for the first time and had a great encounter with an old 10pt at 15yds. Being an old buck it seemed he knew right where to stand so my son couldn’t get a shot…on Nov 7 I went up for my first Bow-hunt on the property saw several deer and some small bucks but no big ones. On Nov 9 I had hunted all morning and hadn’t seen much. I had a friend hunting with me across on the other side of the property and I was going to show him another stand to hunt that was on the side I was hunting. I got down for a few minutes to show him where it was and returned for the evening sit. The wind was perfect for both stands and we could hunt 2 different trails that the deer were using. At about 4:30pm on Nov 9 I was able to harvest my largest buck of my life…the same 10pt that my son and I had the encounter with earlier in the season! The experience and opportunity was all because of…Thank You Steve and Jeff!! I will definitely be leasing from you again!

Jame Martin Deer Hunting

This is why we do what we do! Thank you James, for those kind words! We are so glad you got the best deer of your life while hunting with!!


Shoot Straight! Steve